New MINI Countryman PHEV

New MINI Countryman PHEV


Switch on and set off in the MINI Countryman PHEV. Combining our hallmark agility, all-wheel drive versatility, and an electric motor capable of producing instant power with zero emissions, every journey will be as efficient as it is electrifying. Sustainable driving never felt so fun.


Mini Countryman PHEV – Take a closer look at the MINI Countryman Plug-in Electric Hybrid and explore its premium, practical features in detail.

Less Gas, More Savings


Mini Countryman PHEV – This Hybrid SUV is the same MINI Countryman SAV, just with the added bonus of a hybrid drivetrain, meaning more gas savings. You can lower your carbon footprint while still enjoying the MINI drive of your Countryman.

Mini Countryman PHEV – Charged for the City

We enhanced our crossover to make it even more flexible for its adventurous, city driver. Charging your plug-in hybrid SUV is easy to do whether it’s parked in your garage or at one of the countless charging stations in your city.

Standard Premium Features

The Mini Countryman has 2 fresh exterior colors as well as updated headlights, rear union-jack light design and functions,redesigned front grille, multiple wheel options, updated central instrument display, interior surface and upholstery, and digital instrument clusterwith Apple CarPlay®.

Fresh Exterior Features

The MINI Countryman features two fresh exterior colors and optional piano black exterior trim, redesigned headlight & rear light union-jack design, updated front grille and bumper design, and multiple wheel options.

Amped Up Interior

Along with the standard premium interior features of the Countryman, our latest models have a new design for central instrument display, interior surfaces, seat upholstery, and new digital instrument cluster.

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